How to Stay Fit and Healthy When Touring on the Road

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We are a U2 tribute band, and we are on the move for better part of the year. While the performance part looks glamorous, continuous touring does take a toll on the body and thus the performance.

Our body is a temple. And for us, this is of the utmost importance. To stay fit while moving is a difficult task. It is like an art which you need to master. Healthy food isn’t readily available, and we have to rely on those natural pre workout supplements quite a lot of time. And don’t forget the cruel roads. Not getting enough sleep is also something to worry about.

So, for your help (and the others) we are listing here the various ways we undertake to maintain a healthy body while trying to keep up with the calendar. And no, these do not require you to have a tree of money.

1) Drink water, lots of it

Drink water

Water is your best friend, and it deserves a place of honor. It (helps to) keep the oxygen levels of blood at par and also increases immunity. It keeps your kidneys clean and aids digestion too. Be sure to have it in plenty, each day. Water is needed to deliver your best performances, especially for the singer. It keeps you hydrated and keeps away nausea and headaches.

2) Get plenty of sleep

Although sleeping and touring do not go well together, there is just no substitute for rest. A bit of late night partying is fun, but not every night. To maintain good health, the body needs a good sleep. Instead of sleeping in your van, look for a bed whenever possible. Also, grab any chances of getting a nap. Even a short nap can refresh you enough.

3) Be smart while eating

healthy foodsEating well while on the move! Sounds quite an impossible task. But getting down for real food should be a priority instead of a drive-thru. The body, as well as mind, will get some nourishment and get you the energy. Skip fries, try a salad or get a grilled sandwich. Pack fresh fruits or grab some from the convenience store. The more healthy stuff you have, the less likely you require a “fast” food.

4) Maintain hygiene

Basic practices such as taking a shower or brushing your teeth should be given priority. You don’t need a hotel room always. Instead, you can try sink baths at the gas stations. They make you human.

5) Exercisestretching exercises

Not heavy workouts, but do some jogging during breaks. You are cramped in a van for a long time, so leg stretching exercises can be useful while you are at a gas station. Also, change shifts every few hours when driving for long. Meditating also takes away lots of stress.

6) Resist unhealthy habits

Touring sounds like a vacation or a party on-the-go. Well, it can be if you aren’t doing it on a regular basis. Go for celebrations but do remember you are leaving for another concert soon. Smoking and drinking can affect your performance and also the driving skills.

7) Stay connected

You may need “alone” time for practices or to enjoy some silence but getting connected too, is necessary. When feeling anxious, speak up to your band-mates. Getting connected to home every once in a while can ease up any situation you are dealing with.

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