The Best U2 Cover Bands in America

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U2 tribute band has certainly been taking the world by storm. As I see them rattle and hum u2 tribute band makes you feel like they are the original band. The experience is an unforgettable one indeed.

I have never felt so moved by a U2 cover band like this before. Their electrifying and enthralling performance is like none other before. This is the best cover band in America.

The Best U2 Cover Bands in AmericaImagine a show so memorizing you almost go through a sensory overload! They are so identical and realistic as the real thing it is breathtaking! The moves, style, and sound are uncannily similar to the iconic band we all know and love. This group is as close as it gets to the real thing!

Based out of L.A. California they are making a name for themselves as more than a cover band. The greatest band is the one to have ever performed live with the actual Bono. They have been endorsed by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. They have been covered by news and the media alike. Ranging from the Rolling Stones, NY Times, The daily news, LA Times, and many others!

They have performed in front of an audience over 20,000 thousand people and counting! They have all of the props down. They had memorized everything the U2 band does to a T! The only way get a closer concert to the band is to hire the real thing themselves!

U2 tribute bandPerformances they have done are for the Playboy mansion, Rolling stones La. The celebrity cruise, Facebook. And PC Mall, Royal Caribbean Cruise line, plus so much more! While they have traveled all across America. They have also played in places like the Middle East, South America, Africa. They have played in Europe many times! And the Caribbean! The list goes on and on.

They made history when continually being featured on T.V. for their replication of the real thing! Having played two 90 minutes how’s on television. Once in 2013 and the second time in 2015. They had also been voted the best yet in 2014.

Their fans are even more supportive! Many of them say that they prefer them to the real thing! And they are much easier to get into! Others are saying that they are “God’s gift to the world.”

The amount of love and testimonials for this band is out of the world and heartwarming! There is no doubt about it that they give all they got to be as good as we remembered from the past. Maybe even better many would agree!

This is the greatest cover band!U2 the best band

If you think it couldn’t get better, they touring in a city near you! You won’t want to miss out on such an exhilarating moment! This will be one that you would never forget! The kind of performance that you tell your kids, and grandkids about years from now! Life is meant to be lived while making memories and this will be one you have!

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