U2 – A Brief History of the Greatest Band Ever

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The band that we all know and love! And if you don’t you are not only in the right place but also in for a pleasant surprise! U2 was founded in Dublin in the fall of 1976. All thanks to the young drummer Larry Mullen Jr. At age 14 he posted in his school bulletin board seeking band members.

U2 band historyLater that day the “Feedbacks” was formed which later was changed to “The Hype” soon! With the faithful band members, Adam Clayton as the bass guitarist. Dave Evans was better known as “The Edge” who played bass guitar as well. Dave brother also played before retiring early to play for “The Virgin Prunes” another Dublin band. And Paul Hewson who we all love and adore, A.K.A “Bono”!

U2 3rd albumSoon after they had their big break. In March of 1978 after countless hours of practicing and b, ending they played their first “big” gig! A talent show in Limerick, Ireland. They would be performing in front of Jackie Hayden from CBS records. The upcoming group won the contest earning the grand prize of £500 and studio time to record their first demo.

With the new found boost of confidence, they become fully committed to making a name for themselves. They hiredU2 Three album Paul McGuinness as their manager and quickly started touring Dublin to raise their local fan base. In 1979 they released their first hit single “U2:3” which hit the tops of the national charts!

In 1980-1982 they had been trying to go international. Their first international single “11’ O’Clock Tick Tock” on their debut Island Record was not able to make the top charts. With a new perspective of sounds, they directed towards, a spiritual, death, and faith.
A year later in 1883, they had their first big break with becoming international. With the release of ‘War” their 3rd album. Not only was this band new album fantastic but the U2 album covers was becoming renowned!

Fast forward almost 30 years the band has continued to amaze people! Playing with legends like B.B King. Performing on rolling stones. Hitting the top charts countless times. Touring the world and releasing 16 albums.

This band ceases to awe us. With U2 songs of innocence songs taking the world by storm. It was published on September 9th, 2014. Not only was this one of the best albums ever made. They also made it free on the Itunes store while partnering with organizations like “Bank of America” and “Partner Red” to help fight AIDS.

U2 ConcertNot only have this ironic band been making a real impact on us and the world as a whole! They have inspired many U2 Tribute bands that the fans are in love with. This may leave you to ask “how old is Bono U2”? He is only the ripe age of 57 born May 10, 1960. With many of the band’s members close by!

The rest is history!

U2 greatest bandFrom a band that was formed in the late 70’s all thanks to the school bulletin boards. It just goes to show what can happen when people come together! Despite playing for more than 30 years, the bands is still pressing on full force and full of energy! We can expect much more to come from this group of men shortly!

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